Krishnakriti Festival

The Krishnakriti Foundation hosts Hyderabad’s largest art and cultural festival.The Krishnakriti Foundation has been involved in charitable programmes to include the artist community and to promote intangible Indian traditions and rare forms of visual and performing arts.

In each year, the Krishnakriti Festival seeks to foster conversation among members of various social strata and bring about notable changes. The Late Krishnachandra B. Lahoti, the father of Mr. Prshant Lahoti, is honored by this art event. In 2004, the Krishnakriti art festival was established with the goal of promoting regional artists, Hyderabad’s intangible culture, and its residents’ love for growing familiar with it. This event strives to promote local artists, customs, heritage conversations, and performances by renowned artists.

In addition to holding workshops, seminars, panel discussions, performances, and film screenings, the festival also hosts art exhibitions and photo competitions. that are popular in Hyderabad with a variety of people. In the course of the festival’s four to five days, more than 5,000 visitors and students participate in various outreach initiatives and attend the exhibitions.  

Krishnakriti Foundation: The foundation is engaged in a range of activities to support and collaborate with emerging artists, endanger art forms and artist communities. Foundation conducts a number of public and community based activities like art exhibitions, residency projects, heritage walks,  special curated heritage events, workshops and seminars.

At Hyderabad, Krishnakriti  Foundation had jointly conducted “Bonjour India” – a celebration of art and culture of France in 2010, 2013 and now 2017-2018 and 2022.

Journey of 20 years in curating art festival (2004 to 2024)

One of Hyderabad’s oldest and most unique art and cultural festivals, with a primary focus on promoting art, local history, traditions, and cultural places of Telangana, will be held on this platform for artists, local heritage enthusiasts, curators, cultural organizations, and Telangana tourism. The Telangana government and other liberal organizations support this art festival. The festival has advanced to a new level and established a name for itself in the art world during the last 20 years.  

One of Hyderabad’s most significant art festivals, combining performances, heritage walks, lecture series, exhibitions, and art installations. It provided a venue for emerging artists, young curators, and heritage specialists to collaborate on a specifically curated art festival. The exhibitions featured the works of India’s most well-known artists as well as outstanding performances by renowned artists and musical ensembles. During the Krishnakriti Festival, around 5000 members of the public engage with various artistic mediums.

Incorporated in the memory of Shri Krishnachandra B. Lahoti, since 2003, The Krishnakriti Foundation has been engaged in non-profit activities for the upliftment of the artist community and promotion of rare forms of art and culture of India.

Festival: –

Every year in January first week, The cultural extravaganza agglomerates eminent artists in art and culture and literary stalwarts to showcase their finest achievements to the denizens and guests of Hyderabad.

The festival conducts workshops, seminars, panel discussions, plays, book readings, screenings and concerts that appeal to a wide range of age and interests. Over 5,000 visitors take part in the 20 – 30 events that span 4 -5 days of the festival.

At Hyderabad, Krishnakriti had jointly conducted “Bonjour India” – a celebration of art and culture of France in year 2010, 2013 and now 2017-2018 and 2022.

Street Art Festival – Hyderabad: –

Since 2016, Krishnakriti Foundation and Art@Telangana associated with the Govt. of Telangana, and the Street Art Foundation jointly conduct the Telangana Kala Mela and the Street Art Festival.

As part of the Street Art Festival, the area of MS Maqta was given a much-needed facelift with entire buildings acting as the canvas for artists that visualize and execute in Mega sized canvases.