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. Phygital

Art Cafe

ArtCafe’s primary motto is ART-DESIGN-LIVING. 

This start-up wants to add a little bit of art to every discerning person’s homes and places of business,  offices and gifting items. We aim and vision to make art affordable, accessible and exclusive presentation of original art works and vintage collections. 

 It has a growing collection of  original fine art pieces, paintings by well-known Indian artists, rare oleographs, lithographs of Indian monuments, and a special collection of old photos dubbed Nostalgia are all included in the ArtCafe collection. 

With an emphasis on quality and delivery of the finest art product that is the perfect fit for your designer homes and offices. There is a crew of talented and well-trained graphic designers, product designers, and technical operators  who are working to create and manufacture items. 


Our recent project was for  the 100th anniversary celebration of Hyderabad Public School, Art Cafe has designed several mementos.