Crafting Cultural Bridges:
“Kalakriti India envisions a world where art, heritage, and hospitality converge harmoniously. Through immersive experiences, we celebrate diversity, ignite creativity, and weave a vibrant tapestry of cultural exchange. Our commitment to sustainable culture ensures that every citizen becomes an ambassador of shared heritage.”

Kalakriti India is an umbrella brand whose mission is to acquire, preserve and promote the art, craft and culture of Indian origin or art that features India as the subject.

Kalakriti India is formed of independent SPV companies that have unique identities and purpose, yet interconnected and working towards the common purpose set by the parent brand.

The passion for art led Prshant and Rekha Lahoti to founding Kalakriti Art Gallery in year 2002, to pursue their dream of creating a platform for artists and art lovers, which has now become one of the leading contemporary art organistations in India.  

Kalakriti India is into Art & craft Retail, Phygital and E-commerce;  Hospitality; Tourism; Heritage Restoration and Archives besides running the oldest Festival of art and culture.

“The idea is to take art that’s both beautiful and affordable to every household and workplace, so that you can appreciate it every day.”

– Prshant Lahoti.

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